When designing our proposals, we considered the position and nature of the site and the buildings that surround it.

Typology 1 – Corner

The buildings step up in height to provide emphasis on the corners of the plot. Here the building is split into a base, middle and top through the use of a plinth and grouped windows at upper levels.

Typology 2 – Urban Terrace

A series of urban terraces break down the Brunner Road elevation into a series of smaller buildings. A double height mansard and dormer windows reduce the scale of the building and help the transition into the urban context to the East.

Typology 3 – Low Rise Transition

Low rise buildings to the North, South and West of the site sympathetically transition into the low rise context on St James Street. These buildings take cues from the adjacent buildings on St James Street and the conservation area.

Once the building’s composition was evolved, we took inspiration from other new buildings around London to inform what materials we want to use and how the final design may look.